To teach, build up, encourage and shape inner city at-risk youth mentally, emotionally and physically through the vehicle of sports and athletics.



Our Organization's History

The NorthSide Youth Athletic Association (NSYAA) was founded in 2011 by Eugene Goodwine and Michael Knight. Currently serving over 200 boys and girls between the ages of five and fourteen, the organization continues to grow each year as the youth are given the opportunity to participate in athletics with the goal of teaching them the fundamentals of various sports, the meaning of commitment, hard work, perseverence and the benefits of teamwork.


NSYAA is devoted to developing the youth within the NorthSide community which is an underserved inner-city in Pittsburgh. Serving as a melting pot for youth from various neighborhoods within the NorthSide, the organization continues to strive to be a tool for facilitating the breakdown of territorial barriers and neighborhood tensions by being a positive and purposeful conduit for healthy interaction among the youth.  Believing that its programs are able to significantly impact the minds and behaviors of the youth early on, NSYAA set out to teach not only the characteristics of being great athletes but also bring about opportunities for them (and the community at large) to become advocates for the community in order to secure a brighter future by making it an overall better place to live, grow and raise up the future generations that will carry the torch.


Currently, the sports being coordinated throughout the year include football, cheerleading, basketball and indoor track, with the football and cheerleading program (The Northside Steelers) participating and competing in the Southwest Pennsylvania Youth Athletic Initiative (SPYAI) as one of eight teams.  By 2015, NSYAA will be running athletic programs year-round while implementing an educational and mentoring component through a sister organization.







Our Leadership

Meet the individuals who work tirelessly both at the forefront and behind the scenes.


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We value and strive to ensure our athletes understand the importance of having character that will always distinguish them from the rest.  We believe that the way they think, feel, process through their feelings and ultimately behave both on and off the field/court/track can either work against them or work for them and it is our goal to make sure they end up on the positive side of that coin.  We take great pride in being intentional with facilitating the building of the type of character that will push them to be the absolute best they can all areas of their lives. 



Instilling a great work ethic in our athletes will ultimately set them up to embrace the fact that success of any kind will never come easy.  The hardwork we push our athletes to, we believe, will create the type of habits that they will be able to tap into when off the field/court/track.    



We believe in the power of a positive attitude in all circumstances! Despite the challenges any situation, practice, game or meet may present, it's important that our athletes understand how to properly work through their emotion and make the choice to have a positive attitude.  Having a positive attitude that will be infectious and can be leveraged to change the atmosphere for not only themselves, but their teammates as well will always be our goal. 



We desire to build into our athletes a mental toughness and strength that will help them to cope with the many challenges and difficulties that will come when participating in competitive sports, without losing confidence, giving up or becoming destructive in any way. 



We believe that teaching our athletes how to be steadfast in performing at the peak of their individual skill level and capability despite the mental, physical and emotional obstacles will ultimately impact them in a way that they will learn the value and enjoy the reward of overcoming the challenges they face.  



We value the virtue of sacrifice because of how it teaches the essence of being selfless for the greater good of those around, which will always yield a much greater benefit that can be enjoyed by the entire team.



Our Core Values